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Elf on a shelf…sort of

Elf on a shelf…sort of

If a cake stand is a shelf, then, ta-da!  Poof – a Christmas elf on a shelf! (Always watching)

There is a current unicorn cake craze (don’t get me started) that uses single tiered cakes, implied closed eyes and simple decorations to create the essence of a character.  I thought, why not use this for an Christmas Elf for the holidays?

When I shared this cake on Facebook, there was a lot of reaction to it, and requests to make it.  I figured that NOW would be a great time to do my first time lapse video.  Ahem. (Note to self, rushing through ones first time lapse video is not recommended!)

So… please take this video with a grain of salt, and try not to fall off the learning curve that I’m on, and enjoy this quickie demonstration on how a Christmas Elf cake can be made.  It is a very simple cake design, great for a beginner and totally timely!

You’ll want to start with either a crusted buttercream covered cake, or a cake already covered in the fondant color of your choice.  I paneled the sides with a pinky color and the top with green to match the hat color.  I suggest doing the top in the hat color already so you don’t have to cover the top twice. I am working with a cake dummy in this video, but it will work the same with a real cake, of any size.

Here are my two little guys…original and 2.0!

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Happy Holidays!

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